Nice to meet you

Hi, Iā€™m Alice, a design director who has worked for high fashion and textile designers in Auckland, New Zealand and New York City and is now freelancing in Denver, Colorado. If you are looking to refresh your branding or website, preparing for a big pitch or event, or wanting to add hand-drawn illustrations to your next collection or publication - get in touch.

As a full-service designer, I can support your business with:

Hand-drawn illustration
Apparel fabric design
Studio and event photography
Web Design (for developer or Squarespace)
Icon and infographics

I am set up in a studio, which is equipped with my MacBook Pro, 4k display screen, a business-class printer, a soundproof booth for phone calls and video chat, secure Wi-Fi and IT support. I pride myself on my professional work ethic, strong communication and project management skills, and producing creative work that meets the brief, on time and on budget.

I also take pictures of typography in the wild: @american_typo

If you would like to get in touch please email below: